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An event discovery and event distribution platform servicing nearly 300 cities worldwide.

Concert goer? Never miss another show again!

Jazz Near You is a simple yet powerful way to discover who is playing where and when.

Access the Jazz Near You calendar from our website, our iOS app, our weekly eblast, our widget, our RSS feed, our on demand page, or All About Jazz.

Informing Fans... Empowering Pros

Jazz Near You is a free opportunity for musicians and businesses to list events while giving fans an opportunity to retrieve them from the web, their email and their phone.

  • Alert fans to events through the web, email, and phone;
  • Provide a free event listing service for musicians, venues, festivals, and presenters;
  • Drive foot traffic to events;
  • Drive ticket sales;
  • Help travelers find events in out-of-town cities;
  • Provide affordable advertising opportunities to venues, presenters, musicians and festivals;
  • Recruit advocates to build and maintain local business listing information;
  • Cultivate active jazz communities to support local scenes;
  • Push event information to other websites and blogs.

Cool Tools!

List your events for free!

Musicians and presenters can submit single or recurring events via our event submission form or use our upload service to add several events at once. Our options include:

  • Event Submission Form - Add single or recurring events;
  • CSV Upload - Upload several events at once (no programming experience is required);
  • XML Export - Export several events at once (programming experience is required).


Musician? We also read the ArtistData feed. Simply identify All About Jazz/Jazz Near You as a destination website and we'll import your upcoming events once daily.

Automatically post your events to your social pages

Musician? Automatically post your events to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Learn how here.

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